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About us

Put simply, Yozu is a software development company.

Put more accurately, Yozu is a team of the most brilliant minds, working collaboratively to design, develop and deliver technology solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes. From conception to completion, we work tirelessly, creatively and passionately to produce outstanding results that go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

We’re committed to making Yozu a great place to work. Sure, we’ve got the fun stuff (think free weekly lunches, a well-stocked kitchen, great coffee and lots of socials) but we know what really matters too; competitive pay, flexible working, well-defined (yet adaptable) progression paths, support when you need it – and an office dog.

Our Core Values

A lot of businesses have core values. But in our experience, those values tend to sit within a dusty company handbook and do little else. Things are different at Yozu. Our core values are behind everything we do; how we work with clients, how we collaborate with our team, and even how we give feedback. Most importantly, they were developed by us. Over a series of sessions, we worked together to define what really mattered to us and what made Yozu Yozu. The result is a set of five statements that truly demonstrate who we are and how we strive to be.

Remember, We're All Human

We have good days, bad days and plenty in between. We have great ideas, learn hard lessons and no doubt make mistakes along the way. It's what makes us human, and we acknowledge and respect this fact in all matters.

Don't Settle for Standard

Standard thinking delivers standard results. We're not here to toe the line; it keeps us static and  stagnant. So we embrace the weird and the eccentric. We're not afraid to try something new and deliver the extraordinary.

Fortune Favours the Bold

Brilliant minds relish big challenges. We embrace what others might shy away from, and use innovative solutions to get the job done.

We're Stronger Together

We know we can do more, achieve more, and enjoy more as a team so that's where we focus our efforts, knowing our individual success will follow.

Honesty Always

No fluff, no smoke. Whether it's communicating with a client, a colleague, or an external party, we're honest, ethical and transparent.


  • Opened our London office
  • Celebrated our 10th birthday (in a really big castle!)


How it is going so far

  • Formed strategic partnership with Softcat PLC
  • Signed first marketing automation client
  • Team size now 42
  • Hit our £25k fundraising milestone for Stand Up To Cancer
  • Company rebrand is launched


  • Founded Yozu board and implemented C-suite
  • Formed strategic partnership with Ceuta Group
  • Signed first BioTech client


  • Started development of own, wholly owned SaaS products
  • Now 41 members of team
  • Signed first education sector client


  • Signed first global, publicly listed AgTech client
  • Strong recruitment drive – grew team by 100%
  • Yozu wins prestigious award for office workspace at Liverpool’s iconic Cotton Exchange


  • Signed as Yodel’s preferred development partner
  • Hired 21 new members of the team
  • Founded FREIGHTsoft Ltd as joint venture
  • Signed first client to FREIGHTsoft Ltd
  • Established Liverpool HQ


  • Doubled team size from 7 to 14


  • Signed first major logistics client
  • Started development of first major SaaS client project


Where it all began

  • Yozu founded, signed first major FinTech client

Want to work with us?

Javascript Software Engineer

  • AWS
  • CI/CD
  • GCP
  • React
  • React Native


Remote-first, UK

Ruby on Rails Software Engineer

  • AWS
  • CI/CD
  • GCP
  • Ruby on Rails


Remote-first, UK

Senior Ruby on Rails Software Engineer

  • AWS
  • CI/CD
  • GCP
  • Ruby on Rails


Remote-first, UK

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